Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Singing Wishman Family and Sharon - Sing Soul Stirring Gospel

Welcome to ...and Sharon, a stupid little blog featuring some of my favourite finds from digging through dusty stacks of old vinyl records. When I'm crate-digging I generally try to stick with Canadian content, but sometimes a record from elsewhere in the world beckons to you and insists upon being bought. So it was with The Singing Wishman Family and Sharon from Pasco, WA.

Soon after I rescued this little gem from the 100 Mile House thrift store, the store burned to the ground. A sign!

(In case after studying the album cover for a while you're still wondering "which one's Sharon?", she's the one asking the eternal question "If God is Dead, Who's That Living in my Soul?" on this immortal track.)

Praise Records (date unknown)
FRS 1033